Actors/Actores Youth Academy is on a mission to:

  • Inspire youth to be fully self expressed with integrity
  • Create the next generation of bilingual actors
  • Change the demographics of the industry, one actor at a time

Our Fun Five:

  • Whatever you create is yours
  • If it’s so serious, it’s no fun!
  • We are all valuable
  • Passion drives success
  • Acting is being anyone you want to be

The Actors/Actor(Es)pañol Youth Academy (AYA) serves youth ages 5-25 (scholarships available only for bilingual youth ages 8-17) who are interested in an acting career in film and TV. Hollywood is switching gears. The U.S. Latino market ranks as the 12th largest economy in the world, and no entertainment outlet can thrive without Hispanics; and more and more bilingual roles are being casted for bilingual commercials, TV sitcoms, and films. And although many programs will be aimed at English-speaking Latinos, many also will be looking for individuals (any ethnicity) who speak both languages not to communicate in Spanish only per se, but to give English-language programming a sensibility Latinos relate to. The academy was created by a bilingual child actor’s mother who could not find an English/Spanish acting school for film and TV where her son could practice his craft in both languages. Just like in English, a bilingual actor needs a place to consistently train and practice in Spanish. Although, this child spoke Spanish with grandparents at home, he found auditions in Spanish difficult. Because of his lack of training in acting in the language, he lacked confidence. He trained only at English-only acting conservatories, yet was going out to Spanglish or Spanish auditions. This is like training/practicing all week to play football, and on Saturday, playing soccer. If your going to go to auditions in both English and Spanish, you have to practice your craft in both languages. The academy opened its doors in October 2013 and is now a place where youth interested in bilingual acting practice their scenes, monologues, commercials, and improv in English, Spanish and Spanglish. The academy is located in the San Gabriel Valley, on the border of the cities of Duarte/Monrovia only 6 miles from Pasadena. We are here in the San Gabriel Valley because 58% of its population Hispanic. We have sites opening in West Covina and Santa Monica. The industry has embraced us and agents scout our talent as well as send us some of their clients who need ongoing training in both languages. We truly are creating the next generation of bilingual actors for mainstream TV and Film.