Indian Teen white backgroundHow to Get Started 

What You Need to Do 

  • Contact us via e-mail if you are interested.
  • Review which package you prefer to purchase.
  • Come to a trial class
  • Complete registration form
  • Enroll: Complete agreement and payment.
  • Begin classes!



What We Need to do 

  • Send confirmation email of enrollment
  • Audition children to give them appropriate acting material
  • Teach your child to enjoy acting as a way to be fully-self expressed and learn about the business of acting.
  • Give parents ongoing feedback about what will help improve child’s acting abilities.

Make Up Class Policy 

  • Make up classes are available. The number of make up classes depends on what package is purchased (2 for the 3-month package, 4 for the 6-month package and 8 for the 12-month package)
  • Make ups are on the Sundays following the end date of the package purchased or you can schedule a class on a different day or time if the class size allows.

Refund Policy 

Admission to classes is based on an interview where both parties agree this is a good opportunity for the child(ren). Full payment must be received at the time of enrollment, unless a payment plan has been prearranged with Actors Youth Academy. Either way, packages must paid in full by the first day of the program. Full refunds are available before the program has begun and within 24 hours after the first class allowing children and parents to try one class. Absolutely no withdrawals or refunds will be granted after the first 24 hours after the first day of class. There is a $40 fee for returned checks

All classes require advance enrollment.  This guarantees space and number of teachers for the amount of students enrolled. 

Dress Code Policy for Students and Staff*

  • A neat, clean, and tidy appearance; we may be filming in class at times.
  • Proper attire that is form fitting and comfortable; no loose fitting pants, blue jeans or t-shirts; teachers must be able to see the actor’s body outline clearly to make proper corrections on posture, alignment, and acting stance.
  • Minimal makeup; we need to see youth as naturally as possible.
  • No flip-flops or slippers. Sandals with complete ankle straps are permitted.
  • Jewelry must not be loose; loose jewelry may fly up or around during physical activities and hurt someone.
  • Additional details:
  • Appropriate length: Shorts, skorts and skirts must extend past the end of the middle finger when arms and hands are draped and fully extended at the side. Shorts and long pants must remain at the waist, with or without a belt, and may not reveal undergarments.
  • No drug paraphernalia, sexual content, foul or inappropriate language, gang related insignias or pictures, or innuendo areallowed on hats, bags, shoes or clothing.
  • Undergarments are not to be seen.


  • Actors Youth Academy is not a school, but rather the academy is a forum for youth to take workshops to build acting skills.
  • The workshops are for educational purposes only. This is not an audition for acting work or guarantee of work.
  • The presence of any industry professional such as an agent may be for courtesy purposes; it is not a guarantee or implication of a job offer of any kind.
  • We are not offering employment, a job opportunity, or an audition for work.  We only offer training in acting.

* Teachers may request students to wear specific clothing or bring in props for scenes; there may be cases where this request may not coincide with dress code policy.  Such a request would be in writing.

To download our Policies and Getting Start Guide CLICK HERE.